**In response to the attacks from Heather Crawford**

Dear Mrs. Crawford,

From day one I have directed my campaign to focus on the facts, the voting records, and the publicly stated positions of your campaign. When facts are misstated, I’m quick to call them out; whether they’re coming from my supporters or from your content. 

Today, you have attempted to distort reality to score political points, and it must be addressed. If exposing the reality of your record is what you call “dirty tactics,” that’s fine, but I call it accountability.

I believe that votes should be cast based on the informed opinions of the constituency. Through an honest attempt to identify where you stand on the issues, I came up with very little substance, which has forced me to rely largely on your voting record. I don’t “distort,” “mislead,” or “trick” anyone – I’ve done my best to bring to light the very words, opinions, and actions of your candidacy and tenure in office. My whole campaign is founded on the issues, I’m running because I want to vote differently than you have been voting. I invited you to debate, specifically for the purpose of informing our community where each of us stand. You chose to keep them in the dark.

You and I are both from here. This is our home and we want the best for it. I am running a campaign on specific policy and philosophy that differs from what I can infer from your record, as I haven’t been able to find a direct platform from your campaign. I don’t endorse any negativity, especially if it is directed at you personally, but we have an ethical duty to ensure the voters know where we stand. You can disagree with my positions, but claiming that my campaign is of a negative nature is both dishonest and, very well, negative.

My support is primarily made up of those determined for a change in our district, forged by folks hearing my platform and making an informed choice to support my campaign. Let me be clear, I do not have any political connections nor family names that would enhance my candidacy, it all has been hard work and dedication.

Now let me also be clear, in regards to your voting record, some of the primary points that I bring up to voters can be found as documented by our state government, here:

Gas Tax: https://www.scstatehouse.gov/votehistory.php?KEY=13479

SC Electric Consumer Bill of Rights; https://www.scstatehouse.gov/votehistory.php?KEY=13479

SCANA Contribution: http://apps.sc.gov/…/IndividualCandi…/ViewContributions.aspx (2017, July 10th Report)

Governor McMaster’s multiple attempts to stop wasteful Spending: https://www.scstatehouse.gov/sess122_2017-2…/…/20181003.htm…

To everyone else: if we want change, we must vote differently on November 6. Remember, straight ticket voting isn’t an option this year. To vote for change, you must choose to VoteV, you must choose to select your candidate, not just your party. You must come out on Tuesday and vote to preserve and advance Liberty in South Carolina.

Finally, a few questions:

Did you vote to spend $200,000 on historic building preservation?
Did you vote to spend $210,000 on statewide agribusiness infrastructure?
Did you vote to spend $1,300,000 on economic development hubs and community development infrastructure?
Did you vote to spend $4,500,000 on a tourism, sales & marketing, sports marketing grant program?
Did you vote to spend $7,500,000 on Francis Marion outside of the already in-place process for colleges and universities to request additional funding?
Did you vote to increase the gas tax in South Carolina without requiring that the mismanagement of road funds first be addressed and corrected?
Did you vote to continue allowing energy companies to charge customers at a higher rate for energy than the customers with solar panels are permitted to sell energy to the utilities companies?
Were you also, at the same time, receiving donations from the very companies you were protecting?

With all due respect Mrs. Crawford – the answer to all of these questions is “yes” (please review the links above).
I wish you the best of luck this Tuesday, November 6, and let Democracy choose the future of our district. 

In Liberty,
Cameron Ventura
Candidate for SC State House District 68

Why I'm Running

Running for political office is a lot of work, takes a lot of time, and demands sacrifice. At least once a week I step back and ask myself why I decided to do this to myself. This week as I thought over this, I realized that there are probably many more people who would be interested in hearing the answer that I give myself every time I need a reminder. 

South Carolina is my home. I have never lived in another state. As I've researched the trends of our state over the previous decades I see that those we've elected have systematically been expanding the side of out state government, increasing our state taxes, and exponentially increasing our state debt. As a firm believer in fiscal conservatism and limited government, I believe we are trending the wrong way. 

I want the best possible state for my children and grandchildren. At the rate we are going they are going to be left with a crumbling economy, an immense debt burden, and a state government that no longer resembles the constitutional republic upon which we were founded. If I can do anything to reverse these trends and advance the liberty movement in South Carolina, I'm going to do so. In a state where everyone claims to be a Republican, sometimes voting Libertarian is the only true conservative option.

In summary, I want the best for my children, my neighbors, and my state at large - and I believe the best way to make this happen is through standing up for personal liberty, fighting against injustice in our legal system, and returning fiscal responsibility to our legislature. Join me?


SC68 Cameron Ventura for Socastee

The Platform

Free the Market

The economy is healthiest in the presence of many choices. Sometimes politicians receive donations to make the game a little easier for certain companies, groups, and industries - this is called corruption and hurts you as an individual and our state as a whole. 

Protect Against Injustice

Socastee in particular, and South Carolina in general are in great need of a fiscal conservative to lower taxes, break down barriers to economic prosperity, and fight to strengthen your hold on your rights. SC68 Cameron Ventura in Socastee is here to fix state politics.

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