Why I'm Running

Running for political office is a lot of work, takes a lot of time, and demands sacrifice. At least once a week I step back and ask myself why I decided to do this to myself. This week as I thought over this, I realized that there are probably many more people who would be interested in hearing the answer that I give myself every time I need a reminder. 

South Carolina is my home. I have never lived in another state. As I've researched the trends of our state over the previous decades I see that those we've elected have systematically been expanding the side of out state government, increasing our state taxes, and exponentially increasing our state debt. As a firm believer in fiscal conservatism and limited government, I believe we are trending the wrong way. 

I want the best possible state for my children and grandchildren. At the rate we are going they are going to be left with a crumbling economy, an immense debt burden, and a state government that no longer resembles the constitutional republic upon which we were founded. If I can do anything to reverse these trends and advance the liberty movement in South Carolina, I'm going to do so. In a state where everyone claims to be a Republican, sometimes voting Libertarian is the only true conservative option.

In summary, I want the best for my children, my neighbors, and my state at large - and I believe the best way to make this happen is through standing up for personal liberty, fighting against injustice in our legal system, and returning fiscal responsibility to our legislature. Join me?


SC68 Cameron Ventura for Socastee

The Platform

Free the Market

The economy is healthiest in the presence of many choices. Sometimes politicians receive donations to make the game a little easier for certain companies, groups, and industries - this is called corruption and hurts you as an individual and our state as a whole. 

Protect Against Injustice

Socastee in particular, and South Carolina in general are in great need of a fiscal conservative to lower taxes, break down barriers to economic prosperity, and fight to strengthen your hold on your rights. SC68 Cameron Ventura in Socastee is here to fix state politics.

Get Involved

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