Meet Cameron Ventura

Born and raised in Socastee, I am a lifelong resident of our state and happily, once again, a resident of our district. I went to Lakewood Elementary School, Calvary Christian School, and graduated from North Greenville University with a B.A. in Intercultural Studies. 

Though my first taste of the political process was as Student Body President for Calvary Christian School, my interest in politics truly took off in 2014 when I began to see how legislation being considered directly impacted people that I knew and cared about. I continued researching and learning the foundational principles of our governmental system through reading classic works from our founding fathers and following current leaders like Richard Epstein, the creators of the Libertarian Christian podcast, and John Kasich. 

Spring break before graduation I married the girl of my dreams at the Pawleys Island Chapel and have never been happier. After I graduated, we packed up and moved back to the coast; this time to Charleston. I spent the first year as the interim director for the Baptist Collegiate Ministries at the College of Charleston, the Citadel, Trident Tech, and the Art Institute. The students and volunteers I met during this year had a dramatic impact on me and I am still so thankful for the role each of them played in my life. But all things are temporary.

Once that year was over, I began working for We stayed in Charleston long enough for Katherine to graduate from MUSC with her P.A. degree, but once we realized that the job market was flooded, we started looking to return north. My wife and I moved to Forestbrook in May of 2017. Since returning, we have been deeply involved in our church, Seacoast Vineyard - and in generating conversation regarding the role and needs of our local immigrant community. 

Over the past several years I have seen the immense danger of spending habits and taxation that are out of control, a state congress that is consistently extending their reach, and questionable barriers that limit and prohibit small business owners from achieving success. Eventually I got to a point where I decided that I could either keep complaining to my representatives, or I could step up and volunteer to use my voice in a more direct way. 

I am deeply passionate about filling in the gaps that exist in my purview. I welcome you to reach out and let me know what issues you see and what ideas you have to fix them. 

As a final note, I must mention our two year old Miniature Dachshund, Nala. She is hands-down the best animal around. 

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