Energy in SC

It's time that we stop subsidizing Big Energy. Let's bring some fresh, new, fiscally conservative ideas and ideals to Columbia.   #VoteV 

It's Time to Get the Word Out.


Local Government

Relying on federal and state government to be responsible with our tax dollars has proven time and again to fail. It's time for a new approach.   I propose keeping Horry County dollars in Horry county. Let's demand clear transparency from our local government, while ensuring they have the resources necessary to meet our local needs.   #VoteV 

What Qualities Are Important to You?


What is important to you in an elected representative?

South Carolina State Debt

 Is South Carolina really the fiscally conservative state we think it is? With bloated budgets, mountains of debt, and more of the same in the horizon - I think it's time for change.  


Taxpayer Protection Pledge

I pledge to oppose and vote against any attempt to raise taxes throughout this term in office.